Just a Day in the Life…

January 8, 2009

Tonight is the big championship game and well, we shall see.  Mike is coming over for homemade pork tenderloin sandwiches(which I happen to make very well) with onions,pickles, mustard and rotellas buns.  We will also have fries, salad, and my famous peanut butter cookies that I added the remaining bag of choc chips from the holidays.  They turned out great!  We  may go hillbilly and even burn some wood in the fire pit on the driveway.  Haven’t felt much like drinking since New Years Day (a very fun party at Ann and Russ’ for the Husker game) but suddenly I’m back.  Enjoying a rum and coke right now.Simon says Hello….he is not very happy with me these days since I’m never home any more.  For those who don’t know, Mike lives in Lincoln, and although Lil Red (my car) loves returning to his Motherland, Simon not so much.  Hows that for a run-on sentence?  Thats all for now.  Who knows , maybe I will make good on that promise made oh so long ago about getting a camera and pics on the site….I know its much better with pics(That’s what she said!)


Am I Coming in Clear?

January 6, 2009

Hello out there in bloggy land!  I finally remembered my user name and how to get back on to this crazy thing.  This is only a test.  I hope to soon have more blogs and news.  Christmas was FUN!!!  Love my house, job, boyfriend, and being back home with the family!!!  This is mainly so Gina has something to do at work.   I will probably revamp my look and such so stay tuned but don’t get  too anxious, I have recently found a life and and loving every minute of it!!  Until later…


April 22, 2008

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I’ve been busy assimilating to my new surroundings.  I would like to thank all who have helped me, namely Kit, Jeff, and Matt.  Also thanks to Steve and Cher, and Gina for her “suc-atarial” assistance. The view from the condo is really beautiful.  I keep expecting Spider-Man to swing by.  I have canvased the dental world, sent out about 22 resumes, including one to Offutt.  Matt said it takes the gubment quite awhile to process those resumes, but it would be a cake gubment job if it worked out.  Today Cher and I went to the downtown library and got our new cards.  I also had to make copies and do some faxing.  I cant register to vote until i have a drivers license number so that will have to wait. Then Cher took me to lunch at Trini’s and upon paying the bill noticed that the margaritas were only 1.50.  We stayed for another.  Then we went to a few shops and also to Patricks Market on 15th and Howard.  (Ithink)  It’s not a bad little market.  Most things are priced pretty good.  They have those smirnoff cosmos we like G, also in Pomegranate Martini at the same price as Hy-Vee.  Then we walked home, and I got a bit of a feel for downtown.  I’m looking forward to the spring and summer with all there is to do here.  The Farmers Market begins May 3 if anyone wants to come down!  Then we went to the roof-top to read our books.  It got pretty warm today.  I fell  asleep and got sunburned.  I felt sorry for all you worker bees.  Tomorrow I will go to Express Temps and try to get something to give me some pocket money till I get a real job.  Then I wont have to dip into savings.  Sat. we are going to give plasma.  They pay $35 your first 2 times!  The refi office said we should be able to close on Friday.  Say a prayer!  I have managed to get lots done, and am just wishing for a job and a house closing.  Until then…see ya downtown.   Oh yea,  this one dude who lives here says Aman Green has one of the penthouses.  Havent seen him yet.  Any time any body wants to wander around down here, call me.  But hopefully I’ll be working, but there’s always  the weekends!

I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places…

April 9, 2008

Dang,  tomorrow  the calvary arrives.  i can’t believe it is here.  Went to dinner tonite with my new friend from work.  I don’t know why I meet a fun friend just when I’m leaving town.  I think God wants us not to turn into drunks.  She is my first and best friend in Ga.  Well that only took 9 years.  She swears she will be visiting me in Omaha before Christmas.  I hope so!! I sure hope all my valuables fit into the truck.  I reserved an 16′ only to switch to a 12′ truck only to switch back to the 16′ .  I had good news on the refi and not to jinx it but I think things will work out sooner than later.  I have an appt. with the owners of lil white (my new house I just know it)  the weekend after I arrive.  Deep Breath.  There is that yucky yellow pine tree pollen all over the place.  Im glad you guys can witness this phenomenon.  Its weird.  Ok then, I will see you all soon.  Omaha, Omaha, the finest place you ever saw.  Come along sing this song, you know you simply cant go wrong in Omaha, Omaha, the finest place you ever saw.  And tonite when you are sleeping, dream of Omaha!  P.S.  Hope Simon does well on this venture:)  P.P.S  I also hate the new wordpress format, because you guys do.

From Yo Momma…

April 8, 2008

student loans

Hey Baby,
I got a collection letter for the student loans.  Don’t worry about the credit cards, they will eventually give up and just go away.  However, the student loans are the FEDS and they will never go away.   We need to contact them and work out some kind of payment plan even if its only $5 a month.  They will either take my car or put a tax lien on my house.  If you need for me to call them also, just let me know.
Hope your day is brillant.

Shakin the dust of this one horse town off my boots….

April 3, 2008

Thats what Steve said and I think it fits.  Today was one of my last days.  We work at several different offices and this was the last Marietta day.  I take care of the bird at that office so I had to say good-bye to Wingador.  Then i had a few beers with a few gals.  Friday I will pack up my closet and am meeting a neighbor/church friend/another girl who got divorced this year at Montereys for margs and tacos.  Sunday I got invited over to Theresa’s house (receptionist) for supper.  Her daughter just started at work and will TRY to take my  place.  They are lots of fun and it will be good times.  Monday finish packing.  Tuesday work and more drinks.  Wednesday..rest and last minute what evers…Thurs..pick up Kit, Jeff, and Matt, at airport and get truck, load it, get loaded, go to bed…Friday  Shake the dust of this one horse town off my boots…SEE YA!!!


March 27, 2008

It is finished…Jesus

Thats all Folks…Porky Pig

Done and Done…Homer Simpson

Finally…Monica C. Vandenberg